Canvas Garden Posters

The solution to decorate your GARDEN or BATHROOM

Do you have an empty wall in your garden and are you looking for something different to enjoy?  Do you want to give you garden more colour, even in winter? This is possible with our canvas garden posters, which are printed on high quality canvas.  The garden posters are already a great success in the northern countries of Europe like in the Netherlands and Germany and a new trend in gardening. 


High Quality Canvas; Easy to Clean and 3 Years Colour Guarantee

The photos are printed on high quality canvas, which is resistant for any climate change like rain, temperature change, snow, wind and intensive sol without changing the colours and quality. The canvas garden posters have 3 years colour guarantee and are not reflecting! The material is by the way very easy to clean with a clout and water. The posters have already been tested for 8 years.

Big catalogue with over 5000 images

You can choose any photo of the galleries where more than 5000 high resolution images are listed. Garden posters are very surprising: pictures of landscapes, beaches, colourful flowers, butterflies, waterfalls, rivers, but also abstract  images can improve the look of your garden.

Garden Poster Galleries I - Spain

In this Garden Poster Gallery you will find over 1300 images made by ArtFotos. The main part has been taken in Southern Spain, but also has images of the famous tulip fields in the Netherlands, which will be very colorful in your garden.  Go to this gallery.....



Garden Poster Galleries II - International

In the Garden Poster Galleries II you will find the most beautifull images, which have been selected from the Shutterstock photo collection by ArtFotos. Therefore you will have a choice of a wide range of images, which are made by various international top photographers. The photo will be purchased by ArtFotos and this is included in the listed prices of the garden posters. There are over 3750 images listed. Go to this gallery....

Different Mounting Systems

The canvas garden poster can be delivered with 9 different mounting systems; only canvas, with stainless steel eyelets, with a tulle, mounted on a wooden frame, with an aluminium tube frame, with a visible wooden frame, with a robust mounting system or on self-adhesive. The frames are easy to mount and are shipped together with the canvas garden poster.

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Also Decoration for Inside your Home, Bathroom & Indoor Pool

The canvas garden posters can also be mounted inside your house. What about your bathroom? The canvas garden posters are resistant against water. In many bathrooms you will not see any posters, because of the humidity. Canvas garden posters are the perfect solution.


What about changing the wall of your bathroom or inside swimming pool, in a waterfall, Arab bath or even artistic nude pictures will give your bathroom a pre-eminent look!


We do not have a "Nude Art Photo Gallery", but we have selected the best artistic nude images from the photo collection of Shutterstock, a photo stock agency.  These photos are listed in the Artistic Nude Gallery.

Examples and Ideas with Garden Posters

The canvas garden posters can be delivered with a frame so you can decorate you empty walls with "paintings" that are resistant against all weather conditions. In our shop you can buy directly the most commune sizes. On request you can order made-to-measure sizes.


The canvas garden posters make look your garden bigger because it is creating more depth. This visual effect is special generated if the posters are integrated with their environment. For this effect we recommend the collections in Garden Poster Galleries I: parks & fountains, mountains & hills, rocks, beaches, rivers, rivers (detail), waterfalls, lakes, defrostunderneath the snow, wildlife, arches, doors & windows, bridges and villages.


For example if you have an empty garden wall, you can decide to attach an old door including the frame to the wall. Inside the frame work of the door you mount a canvas garden poster of your choice. Leave the door open and your special effect is ready! The same you can do with an old window with shutters.


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