Mounting  systems

Only Canvas

The canvas garden posters without any hanging system are available up till 6 metres wide and 2 metres high or vice versa!

  • uv- and water resistant garden canvas
  •  available made-to-measure!
  • available up till 6 meters wide or high
  • you can create or invent your own mounting system

Stainless Steel Eyelets

The canvas garden poster is supplied with stainless steel eyelets on all sides.

  • The canvas is easy to attach by using elastics or screws.
  • The size of the canvas will determine the amount of eyelets. If you desire more eyelets, please let us know.
  • Available up till 10 meters wide and 4 meters high or vice versa!

With a Tulle

For this mounting system the canvas garden poster is supplied with tulle on both sides. You can fasten the canvas garden poster to the wall by fixing f.e. around stick or a batten through the loop attached to the poster.

  • The maximum width (side of the tulle) is 1000 cm (10 meters)
  • The maximum height is 400 cm (4 meters)

Invisible Wooden Frame

The canvas garden poster is mounted over a wooden frame. The canvas garden poster is stretched in such a way that the mounting system is invisible.

  • solid wooden frame made of seasoned wood, the thickness of the frame depends on the size of the canvas
  • invisible mounting system
  • maximum width or height is 1,7 meters x 4,5 meters

Aluminium Tube Frame

The advantage of a canvas garden poster with an aluminium frame is that you can easily replace the canvas after a while. First a winter landscape, next a field of lavenders. The sizes you supply are the sizes of the frame. The garden canvas is 8 - 10cm small (all sides). This space is required for stretching the elastics

  • the frame is easy to mount
  • supplied with stainless steel eyelets, elastics and aluminium tubes
  • available up till 10 meters wide or high

Visable Wooden Frame

A canvas garden poster with a frame made out of seasoned wood (approximately 6.5 x 4 cm) or out of scaffolding wood (approximately 9.5 x 3 cm). New wood is used for the frame. If you leave it untreated, it will get a "grey look" or get its authentic look. The size you order is the size of the canvas, to know the overall size you have to include the width of the frame as well

  • easily to set up with a unique system
  • if needed, the size of the wood can be changed upon request

Robust Mounting

A canvas garden poster with a robust mounting system is easy to mount and has a sturdy look, because of the solid tube construction. This mounting system is supplied with stainless steel eyelets and aluminium tubes.

  • The maximum width is 500 cm
  • The maximum height is 300 cm

Self Adhesive

A self adhesive canvas garden poster can be sticked to all kinds of smooth surfaces, painted surfaces, wood, glass, metal and plastic.

  • Maximum dimensions are 1,55m x 6m and vice versa.
  • This self adhesive canvas garden poster is unique in Spain.
  • Easy to attach. Even when you attach the canvas incorrectly, you can easily remove the cloth and reposition it.

  • A canvas garden poster with a wooden framework is available up to 5 meter wide/high and 170 cm high/wide
  • The canvas garden posters with a wooden framework come with a unique and invisible mounting system, invented by our distributor in the Netherlands. The canvas garden posters are attached in a specific way so that only the canvas is visible.
  • The wooden frameworks are made of seasoned wood, specially selected. Stretcher bars will not be used, because this is not the correct material for outside usage.
  • Canvas garden posters with stainless steel suspension eyelets are available up to 10 meter wide and 4 meter high
  • The thickness of the framework will be adjusted to the size of the canvas garden poster.

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