Advantages of the Canvas Garden Posters

  •  They are weather resistant and have 3 years colour guarantee!
  • A photo library with over 1000 high resolution photos to choose from. You can also select a specific part of a photo or send your own photo!
  • The canvas garden posters are tested for 8 years.
  • The canvas garden posters are not reflecting in contrast to other canvas garden posters. It is the only supplier of this kind in Europe.
  • All supplied photos will be checked for suitability; 100% quality control and are 100 % available made-to-measure ("cm" accuracy)
  • The canvas garden posters are washable and easy to clean.

You have a choice of 9 different mounting systems.

  • A canvas garden poster with a wooden framework is available up to 5 meter wide/high and 170 cm high/wide
  • The canvas garden posters with a wooden framework come with a unique and invisible mounting system, invented by our distributor in the Netherlands. The canvas garden posters are attached in a specific way so that only the canvas is visible.
  • The wooden frameworks are made of seasoned wood, specially selected. Stretcher bars will not be used, because this is not the correct material for outside usage.
  • Canvas garden posters with stainless steel suspension eyelets are available up to 10 meter wide and 4 meter high
  • The thickness of the framework will be adjusted to the size of the canvas garden poster.

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