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ArtFotos is founded by Cees (Cornelis) Cornelissen and is administrated by Beatriz Arias Diaz. ArtFotos aims to promote the beauty of Andalusia by selling images of the most beautiful places, which are printed on a canvas garden poster.

In order to do this ArtFotos collaborates with Dtp Studios, which is situated in the Netherlands. Dtp Studios is fabricating high quality canvas garden posters for over 8 years. Its garden postes have been a hot topic on the Dutch television and several magazines have published an article about it.


Your order will be directly placed at Dtp Studios and send to you by mail. In case of claims you have to assign to ArtFotos, just as all communication like questions, information etc. ArtFotos is only providing your name & address to Dtp Studios, so your order can be delivered to the correct place. 

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